LOCATION:  Fort Howard Park, Fort Howard, Maryland
DATES:  Fridays & Saturdays in late Sept - October
TIMES:  Dungeons start at dusk (get their early!)
COSTS:  $15 for adults
CHAIR: Brian Frank
To Volunteer Please Visit: http://haunteddungeons.com/volunteer.htm
DISCOUNTS:  Volunteers (age 21 and over) earn $5.00 off any ESP registration for each night (4 hours min) they volunteer at the Haunted
Dungeons.   Volunteers
MUST sign-in at the front gate AND pick-up their coupons before leaving the park that night.  

COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS:  All youth volunteers can earn School Required Service Hours.  Volunteers are required to obtain Service
Hour Paper Work from their School’s Guidance Office and have them signed by there Team leader at the end of each night which the youth
volunteered.  No Service Hour papers will be supplied by or available through the ESP Recreation Council.  
Youth Volunteers under the
age of 16 “MUST” have a guardian at the park for the entire time they are volunteering.
Thanks to all volunteers for their dedication, creativity and performances!

"The Ring" (74) - Captain:  Kady Jordan
"Resident Evil" (35) - Captains:  Mary Jordan & Crystal Jordan
"Jeepers Creepers" (30)
"Scarecrow" (14)
- Shane Sumner
"Santa" (14) - Captain:  Ryan Wilcox
"Alice in Wonderland" (13) - Captain:  Lacy Smith

"Bad Santa" (228) - Captain:  Ryan Wilcox
SILVER SPOOKY (2nd Place):
"Psycho Circus" (145) - Captain:  Josh Larrison & Mike Esteppe
BRONZE SPOOKY (3rd Place):
"Zombieland" (132) - Captain:  Joe Horan, Mary Jordan & Chrystal Jordan

SPOOKY 4: "Evil Alice" (131) - Captain:  Lacey Smith
SPOOKY 5: "Theatre 666 - The Terror Within" (103) - Captain:  Brian Frank          
SPOOKY 6:  "Vine Room" (53) - Captain:  Brittany Phelps

"Bad Santa" (217) - Captain:  Ryan Wilcox
SILVER SPOOKY (2nd Place):
"Psycho Circus/Saw" (202) - Captains:  Josh Larrison & Mike Esteppe
BRONZE SPOOKY (3rd Place):
"SCorned/Trail#2" (108) - Captain:  Brian Frank

SPOOKY 4T: "Evil Alice" (103) - Captain:  Lacey Smith
SPOOKY 4T: "The Ring" (103) - Captain:  Kady Jordan
SPOOKY 6:  "Stigmata" (98) - Captain:  Chrystal Jordan
SPOOKY 7:  "Wolf Trail" (94) - Captain:  Tim Dodge

"The Moseleum-3D" (201) - Captain:  Tim Lidard
SILVER SPOOKY (2nd Place):
"The Ring" (152) - Captain:
BRONZE SPOOKY (3rd Place):
"Zombieland" (138) - Captain:  Brian Frank

SPOOKY 4: "Clown Puppets" (133) - Captain:  
SPOOKY 5T: "Freddy's Kids" (118) - Captain:  Tim Dodge
SPOOKY 5T:  "Stigmata" (118) - Captain:  
SPOOKY 7:  "Michael Myers" (113) - Captain:  
SPOOKY 8:  "Exorcist" (110) - Captain:
SPOOKY 9:  "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (105) - Captain:
SPOOKY 10T:  "Willy Wonka" (102) - Captain:  Mary Jordan
SPOOKY 10T:  "Vines" (102) - Captain:  Brittnay Phelps
This Sparrows Point tradition for over 30 years is for HALLOWEEN lovers everywhere.  Victims from as far as
Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia have travelled to experience the fright and terror of 'The Dungeons'.   

Enjoy the 1 hour tour that includes a walk through the terrifying woods of the Fort Howard county park, and the
infamous fort dungeons, haunted since the historical battle of 1812, where the likes of Michael Myers, Freddy
Krueger and Hannibal Lector await your presence.   
Do you like clowns?

Enjoy food, drinks and our famous hot chocolate for a night fit for the entire family.  Come early and bring your
Halloween-spirit for some fun and fright at the Edgemere-Sparrows Point Haunted Dungeons!   

Waiting areas and bypass points are provided for families with children too young to experience the Dungeons.  
Program operation subject to weather.

'Kids Trick-or-Treat Night' (last Saturday of operation) invites our little friends to the park for a
guided tour from our not-so-scary hosts.  Best part, IT'S FREE!!!!  Bring a bag and your best

'County Employee Appreciation Night' invites all of our county employees (teachers, police,
fire-fighters, etc...) to attend our event at a discounted price!
Fort Howard Haunted Dungeons Warnings:

No Refund Warning:  Your admission ticket
is non-refundable at the time of purchase.  
No refunds will be given under any
circumstances!  No readmission will be
granted without purchasing a new ticket.  

Special Effects Warning:  Please be aware
that the following effects are used throughout
the park: Strobe lighting and other
disorienting lighting, fog machines, extreme
darkness, intense sounds, claustrophobic
spaces, damp and wet conditions, uneven
terrain and flooring, narrow passageways
and steps, extreme visual effects (including
graphic imagery and gore), as well as
performer and mechanical driven scares.

Health Warning:  You should not enter if you
suffer from claustrophobia, heart issues,
back or neck ailments, respiratory issues,
are pregnant, are prone to epileptic seizures,
or have any other physical or mental
limitations that will impair your ability to
experience these attractions.  

Assumption of Risk:  Our attractions are built
by volunteers and are mostly constructed of
‘GREEN’ materials – meaning recycled
appliances, pallets, iron, steel, and other
sometimes filthy materials we have acquired
from various sources.  Please follow
instructions and all rules to help ensure that
you stay as safe as possible throughout the
park.  Although safety measures have been
taken, our park may not be appropriate for

Children Warning:  Children of all ages are
welcome but please understand that some
of the attractions may scar your child for life.  
Children must be accompanied by an adult
at all times.  

‘Chicken’ Warning:  If you are absolutely
terrified at any point during your tour of the
park, ‘Chicken Exits’ are available throughout
the park.  Once you elect to leave the park, no
refund will be given and readmission will not
be granted without purchasing a new ticket.  

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Property Warning:  
Due to the nature of our attractions, we
recommend not carrying any loose or
valuable items into the park.  If you must
bring personal property into the park, please
do so at your own risk.  We are not
responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged
personal property.
Liability Release:  

Enter at your own risk.  In consideration and
acceptance of admission to the Haunted
Dungeons, guests agree to release its
operators, affiliates, employees, volunteers,
contractors, Baltimore County Department of
Recreation and Parks, Edgemere-Sparrows
Point Recreational Council, and other
patrons harmless from any and all legal
liability, property damage, and medical
liability due to harm, injury, death, or expense
and all visitors personally assume all risks
from any and all of their actions including but
not limited to negligent acts and/or strict
liability acts.

Guests may not bring weapons or any items
that could harm others into the park.
Guests may not bring alcohol or illegal drugs
into the park.
Guests may not be intoxicated or on mind-
altering drugs when entering the park.
Guests must not hit, poke, taunt, or disrupt
our actors or other volunteers.
Guests must stay with their group and follow
all volunteer’s instructions throughout park.

These rules are intended to protect all
visitors to the park as well as all volunteers at
the park.  Please understand that some of
our actors are not of a legal age.  Your bad
behaviors in front of them will not be
tolerated.  Visitors of the park, who we deem
to violate any of the above rules and/or as
being abusive in any way to volunteers or
other visitors will be escorted out
immediately, will not be given a refund, and
will not be allowed reentry.  Legal action
against disruptive guests may be taken.

Thank you very much for your Co-operation
and your Patronage.
-Weather Permitting -
Please call 410-887-7529
if the weather is questionable