Fitness For Fields!
AGES:  Men & Women, 18 years and older
REGISTRATION:  Online from August 1 - September 14th, 2011
COSTS:  $25 per person
WHEN:  September 16th - October 14th, 2011
CHAIR:  Pete Christensen
CO-CHAIR:  Tim Dodge (
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PURPOSE:  To promote healthier lifestyles through education, awareness and physical activity
within the community.  All proceeds benefit the
ESP “Field-Fund” for the rehab of existing and
development of new athletic fields in the Edgemere community.   

DESCRIPTION:  Here is how it works:

1.  Duration:  1 month, September 16th - October 14th

2.  All participants will receive FREE membership to Gold's Gym (Dundalk) for the duration of the
program. This includes full access to the classes, Kids Club, facilities, etc...

3.  Enter with your team, or just yourself into the program.  We will assign individual participants to
a team to help support each others participation.

4.  Achievement Levels - Upon an individual participant reaching an 'achievement level'
(ie 'x'
amount of classes attended)
, they will receive an incentive bonus prize (ie discounts, 'x' amount of
free personal training sessions).  The more levels individuals accomplish, the more points the
team accumulates.  The team with the most achievement levels reached will win the $200 cash
prize upon completion of the program.

5. The ‘Weigh-In’ Welcoming Event – Friday, September 16th @ Gold’s Gym (Dundalk), 6-9pm

(pick a half-hour time slot that works best for you)
a.  Participants will receive a free health evaluation (BMI, weight, blood pressure, etc…).  All
statistics will be anonymous and are for personal use only.
b.  Registration Packet Pick-up (see below)
c.  Participants will be placed in teams and be provided a Gold's trainer team captain!
d.  Facility Orientation will take place that evening upon your check-in.

6.  Achievement Levels & Incentive Bonuses:
a.  These levels are to be determined and will be released at a later date.

7.  ‘Weigh-Out’ Celebration Event – Friday, October 14th (6-9pm) @ Gold's Gym (Dundalk)
a.  Participants will receive their 2nd health evaluation to determine their improvements and
Health score.

5.  Prizes:
a.  In addition to the individual achievement incentives, the team with the most achievement levels
accomplished will receive a $200 team cash prize.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION: (online at, credit card payments only please)

1.  Fitness For Fields only (18 & over) - $25.00
2.  Fitness For Fields & Monster Mash Dash (18 & over) - $35.00 ($5 discount)
3.  Monster Mash Dash
(see below) only (18 & over) - $15.00
4.  Monster Mash Dash
(see below) only (ages 12-17) - $12.00
AGES:  Men & Women, 12 years and older
REGISTRATION:  Online (credit card only please), August 1 - September 14th, 2011
COSTS:  $15 for adults (18+), $12 for kids (ages 12-17)
WHEN:  Saturday, October 15th, 2011, 5:00pm
The Monster Mash Dash
Participants (must be registered) are invited to a run/walk a designated path around the Fort
Howard Haunted Dungeons prior to the park opening to the public.  Upon completion of the
run/walk, participants (+1 guest) will be invited to wait in line to attend the Haunted Dungeons
(prior to gates opening to the public).  
Haunted Dungeon tickets sold separately.  All proceeds
benefit the ESP 'Field-Fund'.

For more information on the Haunted Dungeons, click
updated 10-4-11