Community Pride Projects
Contact:  Tim Dodge (
Volunteers for the care and preservation of the our communities.  Anyone can participate in this.  No
membership required.  Send us pictures and a description of what you have done to make your community a
better place!  The following are some of the projects community volunteers have accomplished:
PROJECT#1 (Summer 2010):  Fort Howard Park Cleanup - Included the removal of trash, debris, brush and
poison ivy from the concrete dungeons and throughout the park.  Also included lifting inches of dirt from the brick
roads near the horseshoes.

PROJECT#2 (Fall 2010):  CTES Post Painting - We will paint the wooden posts surrounding the Chesapeake
Terrace ES athletic fields.

PROJECT#3 (Fall 2010):  Haul Road Cleanup - We will remove trash and debris from the 3 mile stretch of road.
PROJECT#4 (Spring 2013):  Chesapeake Terrace Elementary School Flowers
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