Wrestling - Winter Season

CHAIR:  Gary Maynor (Maynor.Gary@yahoo.com/443-421-9106)
COACHES:  Head Coach Gary Maynor
Assistant Coach's Tony Ambrosino,Matt Randolph,Dave Wilson,Mike Fouts
PROGRAM WEBSITE:  www.espwrestling.com

November - March
LOCATION:  Sparrows Point High School - Activity Room
AGES:  Boys & Girls, 4-15
REGISTRATION:  Approx August-November

ESP PROVIDES:  Wrestling Singlet
PLAYER PROVIDES:  Proper shoes, head gear, mouthpiece

PRACTICES: New players - Tues/Thurs (2-45 min sessions), Experienced players - Mon/Wed/Fri (2 hours each)
PRACTICE LOCATIONS:  Sparrows Point High School - Activity Room

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:  The ESP SPARTAN WRESTLING program is the top-notch wrestling program offering
new and experienced participants excellent experiences by highly skilled coaches.   We are, not only a team, but a
family.  Come be a part of our proud tradition!
Wrestling - Clinics

DATES:  Summer (Contact Program Chair)
TIMES:  Approx 6:00 - 7:30pm
LOCATION:  Sparrows Point High School - Activity Room
AGES:  4-15
REGISTRATION:  Contact Program Chair
COSTS:  Approx $10-$15 per participant

CHAIR:  Gary Maynor (Maynor.Gary@yahoo.com/443-421-9106)
DESCRIPTION:  This clinic will be open to parents and children to come and learn the basics of wrestling.  We will teach the
basic starting positions and a couple moves from each of the three starting positions.  We will open the first session by
answering any questions that any of the parents have about the sport or the program as well as introducing ourselves.  We will
end the last session with a short Q&A as well.  With youth wrestling I have found that Dads often like to be participate directly
with their kids, but they often do not know a lot about the sport because it is not something you see on TV everyday like
football and basketball.  It is for this reason that I really like the idea of opening the clinic up to the parents as well.