Field-House @ SPHS

Concessions @ Sparrows Point High School Fields

UpdatedSunday March 20, 2016 byTim Dodge.

Program Chairperson:  Teresa Algatt (

Description:  The ESP Field-House, located at the Sparrows Point High School athletic fields serves as a provider of refreshments, food and snacks to parents who have rush from work straight to the field.  Chairpersons and parents can use this great resource as a fund-raiser for the benefit of their respective ESP programs.  Profits are donated to both ESP program and the ESP Field-Fund!

Progam Usage Guidelines: (see Field-House Chairperson for more standard guidelines):

1.  Program Chairpersons must contact the Field-House chairperson in order to reserve their nights of service.

2.  Programs must provide the man-power (minimum of 2 volunteers) on their scheduled nights.

3.  Programs earn 50% of the profits for game and practice nights. The other 50% goes directly to the ESP Field Fund.

4.  Programs earn 80% of the profits while hosting a tournament for their program.

5.  Programs are responsible for taking inventory at the end of the night and submitting that info to the FH Chairperson.

6.  Programs are responsible for cleaning the field-house at the end of their night of service.

7.  Baltimore County building rules apply to the use of the field-house.

8.  Programs can sell their merchandise during their night of service. Storage of items is very limited.

9.  Parent volunteers are welcome to one (1) food item and hospitality drinks during their time of service.